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Songs are available for download on itunes – see links under songs/samples

For singular CD purchase delivery within NZ the order maybe completed using the following post and packaging allowances.

Via NZ Post parcel post tracked $6.00
Via NZ Post courier               $7.50
Via NZ Post courier and sign      $10.50

For multiple CD purchases or International delivery please forward  the form with your details and you will be advised of the post and packaging costs to your destination.

Order Details
Product                                     Cost:          Quantity:       Total:                      

– We Can Rock Christmas single CD   $16.00
– Sally Wright Album 10 song CD        $19.00
– Who Knew 3 song EP                   $16.00

– Post and Packaging to be calculated on order size/weight

Delivery Details

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Bank Details :  Purchasers Reference for bank statement to verify payment. Payment to Bank Account ASB 12-3629-0037381-00 Your order will be shipped on receipt of payment - allow up to ten days.